We love to hear from Royal Bayreuth (RB) fans - and welcome your comments and questions. Below is an overview of some popular questions:


1) How much is my piece worth? We cannot provide appraisals thru the website - that would not be fair to anyone. To get a general idea of value, please check eBay for similar pieces. Prices can range from $15 to $15,000 US Dollars.


2) Do you want to buy my collection/pieces - or can you help me sell my inherited collection? It would not be fair for the website contacts to buy from such offers. However, we can put you in contact with our Auction Chairman who manages the annual auction during convention. Alternatively, you can become a member of the club and we will run adverts in the quarterly newsletter (and on the website) of what you would like to sell. You will reach hundreds of RB fans worldwide for just a few dollars. Also, some members are professional auctioneers and would be happy to help sell a collection via public auction.


3) Why is there little mention of dinnerware? There are two categories of dinnerware;

- Vintage that is often in a blue motif and quite collectible
- Modern (1940s on up) that is generally of less interest


4) Where can I buy a plate to match my dinnerware service or obtain a value of a dinnerware piece? One of the best sources to illustrate modern Royal Bayreuth dinnerware - or to obtain additional place settings is: Replacements Ltd.


5) How old is my piece? RB has been making porcelain for over 200 years - and knock-offs are being made today in China. To understand the true age of a piece you need to touch, feel, and hear old porcelain. Most shops will not allow that - but during our annual convention you will learn how to identify the good from the bad! For a quick history, and for links to identify RB marks, please visit our links page HERE.


6) Where can I learn more? Attending a convention is a must for any RB fan. A good article is HERE. Otherwise, the best source would be the books written by longtime member Mary McCaslin (who is working on a third book). Those are packed with info - visit out links page for details of those and other books HERE.


7) Where can I learn EVEN more? Like us on Facebook - link below....







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